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Good News! You can now Partner & Become A Reseller With Nigeria's No. 1 Social Media Growth Service Provider

This is a service for our clients who want to become Resellers. The aim of this package is to earn you more money with less stress.

Here's What You Will Get As A Reseller With TheSizzle

The package will provide you with the following;

– A professional social media growth website with payment processor enabled (Just like our website). Your website will be connected to our website which will automatically help fulfill the orders placed on your website. You will be getting our services at discounted reseller rates as well.

– A working social media ad campaign that will consistently bring in people to your website & make them buyers

– We will grow your Instagram page to 10k Followers to help establish a social media presence for your new website & make customers trust you even more.

– An automated email campaign to users who sign up on your website so they can keep coming back.

Here Are The Requirements/Details Needed From You.

1. Your Nigerian Bank Account Payment Details

2. Your Phone Number,

3. Your WhatsApp Number

4. Your preferred website address (www.something.com)

Here Are The Costs

The resellers package entails the following costs:

1. A one time activation fee of $100 (50,000 Naira)

2. Monthly Software Maintenance & Renewal Fee of $20 (10,000 Naira Monthly)

3. Monthly Instagram Ad Campaign Fee of $100 (50,000 Naira) [This is optional if you have other means to promote your website]

For Resellers Who Don't Need A Website

For Resellers who want to have access to our Resell Rates but don’t need a website, here are the requirements:


– Your Sizzle username/registered email (We will apply the Reseller rates to your account)


1. A one time activation fee of $30 (15,000 Naira)
2. Monthly Access Renewal of $20 (10,000 Naira)

Here's How Much You Can Make As A Reseller On TheSizzle

Before we made the Reseller offer public, we had other resellers who were working with us right from launch. This is the earning dashboard of one of our resellers. Each row is the daily earning

Even if your sales is poor and you rake in a minimum of 5k per day, that is #150,000 Naira at the end of the month.

#10,000 out for maintenance you have a profit of #140,000 Naira

How To Get Started:

We begin with the website setup & activation. The cost is $100 (50,000 Naira)
– We will secure your domain name, create your website, connect it with our servers, and also set up email automation.
– Then we will begin your online payment integration & setup that will help you receive payments with your website. We use Flutterwave to receive payments & we will set it up for you as well.
– After setup, you will be able to go through your website, get access to your admin area and as well set the custom prices you want to sell your social media services. You are getting our reseller rates and you can sell at your desired rates.

In 14 business days, your website will be up & ready for use & you can start promoting it to your friends & audience. While set up is ongoing, you can provide the following extra details:

– Your Business Logo
– Your Business Instagram Username


Acc No: 7822927265
Bank Name: WEMA BANK
Acc Name: TheSizzle


Once payment is made, please forward your proof of payment to our support line on WhatsApp to activate your reseller license & effect your website creation. 

WhatsApp Support: +2348050644154

This Offer Closes In 48 Hours

We won’t be taking more Reseller Offers after the time period ends as we want to focus more time on setting up our already Subscribed Resellers.

Take advantage of this now! The offer is still open.